el Camino

UX/UI Designer
Sketch | Invision | Photoshop | Illustrator
Timeline: 5 weeks

el Camino is personal project and the result of a branding campaign to promote tourism on an area from Spain: el Camino de Santiago which is one of the oldest pilgrimage routes in Europe. Currently, el Camino de Santiago is  is a religious route or a route of cultural exchange and t's been declared as UNESCO World Heritage. Every year, over 327,000 pilgrims from all over the world decide to complete one of the routes to Santiago de Compostela.

Some of the goals includes building a website in which the user can find all the information relate to the routes and how to be prepared for this hike, discover the Spanish culture and places and design a consistent visual brand identity which represent the spirit of this route.

As a UX/UI Designer, I explored the visual, user interface and design part. I conducted a design research based on an inception sheet and a mood board. Then, I created the design system based on a style tile, the style guide and the logo. Finally, I design the wireframes and branding elements for the campaign, coming up with a slogan and bringing this branding to different elements.


Starting with the inception sheet in order to learn more about el Camino de Santiago, I come up with the idea that there are some ways to enjoy  discovering new places as a pilgrim, relaxing or practicing some sports.

camino moodboard
Some inspiration from the mood board


For the logo process, I played with the route shapes and scallop shells. Blue and yellow were the most representative colors for el Camino de Santiago. The final logo is based on the shape of each route. I draw every route and I play with its orientation, then I colored it in yellow and blue. Subsequently, I came up with the name ‘el Camino’ which is an easy and a shorter way to say el Camino de Santiago.

Logo process

For the color palette, colors gather from vast nature characteristics in the area and also, during the route you can find blue and yellow for signals and symbols.

Style Guide

The website consists of three different moods to complete el Camino: pilgrim, relaxing or sportive. Each has different advice regarding preparation, routes or ways to enjoy el Camino de Santiago. Also, the user can find some information related to the history of el Camino, events or activities, routes and the difficulty of the different routes.

Hi-fi wireframes for desktop
Some merchandising designed for el Camino


· Designing a tourism campaign which capture the spirit of el Camino de Santiago in all the ways and which is for young adults.
· Coming up with a visual identity which represents el Camino de Santiago and can be implemented in different formats.
· The campaign informs about how to do the trails, the history and what you need to complete this trails.
· Build a design system which represents el Camino de Santiago's concept.

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